I got my Hellcat Article on BoldRide!

The new Dodge Challenger Hellcat has definitely been the darling of the entire automotive community as of late. Its ridiculous power figures and the size and audacity of both the car and PR campaign has plastered it pretty much everywhere you look. » 10/03/14 5:00pm 10/03/14 5:00pm

Rally Fighter + Stunt Driver= BUCKET O' FUN!

A few days ago, I went to a manufacturing and design expo in Chicago showcasing all sorts of new manufacturing techniques and tools on the cutting edge of technology. It was actually pretty cool to check out. However, while as interesting as it was, the reason I was there wasn't because of manufacturing techniques. I… » 9/30/14 11:22am 9/30/14 11:22am

The Local Motors 3D Printed Car is Uber Techy Cool

The current state of automotive manufacturing has been at a standstill for pretty much since the time of Henry Ford and not much in the ways of progress has occurred in terms of methods. We of course have new materials and ways of building those materials, such as carbon fiber, titanium, and structural aluminum, but… » 9/22/14 10:28am 9/22/14 10:28am

2014 Toyota Camry Hybrid:The Oppo Review

A few weeks ago, I had an issue with my driver's side door on my FR-S. Somehow, it slid down the hinges and started rubbing on the body panel. Being that it's still under warranty, I took it into the dealer who fixed it promptly and I was on my way. Fast forward to a few days ago, the problem returned, and I returned… » 8/15/14 10:46am 8/15/14 10:46am

The Hawk: A Ride Through Racing History.

A few weeks ago I was putzing around on Twitter when I saw an exchange between Alex Lloyd from Yahoo, and Sam Smith from Road and Track, talking about how they were going to be at Road America. First off, I had never been to Road America, but everyone I talk to says it is absolutely epic. Secondly, being the new kid… » 8/01/14 8:58am 8/01/14 8:58am

Sittin Waitin Wishin: Mercedes S-Class

When you see a brand new S Class Mercedes, immediately you think of two conversations. The first, "Jeeve's please just run through this crowd of angry ne'er-do-wells, their poorness is upsetting Muffy my darling." And second, "quick we must make it to the bunker right now; I need to call in an airstrike!" So you are… » 7/22/14 3:34pm 7/22/14 3:34pm

Sittin Waitin Wishin: 2014 Dodge Challenger

It seems that all of the news lately has been centered around Dodge's newest Challenger, the Hellcat. And you really can't blame those that have been covering the story there, myself included. The fact that Dodge was able to put 707hp, a 10s quarter mile, and package it all up for just a hair under $60k! That is just… » 7/17/14 9:57am 7/17/14 9:57am

Idris Elba: King of Speed is a car show everyone should watch

It's very hard to find quality programming in the automotive world. Very few programs are both entertaining and informative, and many don't last a first season before a network cancels the entire show. Think of the Car Show, or how many times Top Gear USA went from in the works to shelved before they got Rutledge,… » 7/16/14 10:29am 7/16/14 10:29am

I got a new job! I get to write about cars for money now!!!! ​

This all wouldn't have been possible without all of you. Thank you so so much. Here are the first few articles! I'm going to primarily do news, but you can still expect me to do some long form articles for these guys, and I will still be here, TST, and a few other places that I can't announce just yet! OF HAPPENINGS!… » 7/11/14 8:13pm 7/11/14 8:13pm

Does Perception matter with Manufacturer Origins?

A few months ago Doug's column told the tale that Ze Germans are very unreliable even though they are often touted as the savior of all mankind. Doug even made a sliding scale that uses a German car as a baseline for utter shit, and said that a car made out of Chimpanzees would be a better option. However, I will now… » 7/10/14 3:14pm 7/10/14 3:14pm

The FiA needs to stop trying to create a "Spectacle"

Over the course of this season, the FiA has introduced either bans on current technology or have tried to add "flair" to the current generation of cars. The latest has been a ban on the very innovative FRIC suspension geometry that many of the teams run. Essentially the piece connects the front and rear suspension… » 7/09/14 11:49am 7/09/14 11:49am